The Greenhouse is an Educational Space run by some of the members of our house. Located in Skokie (suburb of Chicago), it is a S.A.G.A.* safe-space dedicated to education and nurturing all of us flora and fauna. Feel free to friend us for upcoming events at The Greenhouse, as well as following our member’s presenting schedule, and whatever else we manage to dig our roots into.

SAGA (Sexuality And Gender Acceptance) is a newer acronym mainly circling around tumblr that attempts to include more than LGTBQA. LGTBQA can only have so many alphabet soup letters, and it’s important to the Greenhouse that no one’s “letter” gets left out of our bubble.

Tuesday Tea: Tuesday Tea begins with a 1-2 hour class and finishes with social tea time and good music. Think of it as an educational alternative to a munch. With tea.

Hot House: This is where our House Members (and friends) try out new or revisit old material. These are often hosted as a round table discussion.

Intensives: These vary in subject matter and length. Our house uses crowdfunding in lieu of standard ticket sales in order to gauge interest and fund varying monetary abilities.

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  1. […] embarrassed to have procrastinated for a month or so on publishing this excellent guest post by Master So N So — an accomplished artist, educator, rope bondage expert, and lifelong non-monogamist. […]

  2. Hey man, it’s Dallas, we met at APW. I misplaced, refound, and once again misplaced your card.

    I know it’s last minute, but I’m in Chicago this weekend for Lolla on Sunday. If your up for some spontaneous bar hopping around town let me know. If not then I think I’ll see you in Columbus for BTL.

    Dallas –

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