Mar 262013

I had lots of fun at Bound in Boston 2013, teaching my class on Karadas. I received possibly my best compliment so far after the class: “You’ve added flexibility to my world.”

I’ve barely got time to think before I need to leave for Frolicon but I DID have time to throw this little number together:

During the Open Space Technologies section of Bound in Boston, I stepped up to teach an impromptu class on Chest Harnesses when the originally requested presenter recalculated his transit needs. When I asked the attendees what they wanted to know, they asked for examples of male harnesses. Operating on my basic principles, I tossed out a few example ideas, and they liked some of them enough to ask me to put together a tutorial document on it.

Here’s a simple Chest Harness for Men, may you use it in good health. (You probably want to right-click/Save that link, rather than opening it)

I’ve decided to use this tutorial as a freebie introduction to my new project, Knotty American Comix. That link will presumably have issues of the comic available someday.

A simple Chest Harness for Men.

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