Aug 022011

I had a great time teaching my “Erotic Photography on the Cheap” class in Tallahassee. There were about 50 people at The Black Monday Society, a great and lively crowd. My day-job has been so crazy that I forgot to advertise it at all, not even announcing it on here on my website, so I’m glad the attendance turned out well.

I designed the class to be taught in a hotel, making use of common hotel fixtures, as an example of how you can use common lighting objects to good effect. Black Monday meets in a (Pittsburgh-themed) bar. The switch in location proved ironic and yet ultimately fruitful, and I found a way to teach something that I feel is ultimately closer to the spirit of my original intentions.

Tallahassee is one stop on my way from FetishCon to GenCon, and I was slightly chagrined, and more than a little curious, when I saw that Scott Church (a fetish/glamour photographer with a very popular online presence) was teaching a class with nearly an identical intent premise at FetishCon. I was too busy working my vendor’s booth to be able to attend the class. Next year, I really hope to be able to bring a sale associate with me so that I can attend classes by other fetish photographers.

Jan 142010

I want to give a big digital hug to everybody who showed up for my first class on Jan 13th! We had a great time, people learned a lot, and we seem to have created a few rope converts. Your feedback forms were especially appreciated. It looks like Odyssey House is going to start hosting educational events more often!