Classes by Riah Raiju


BDSM Classes

Sampling Wild to Tame Orientations

Co-taught by _Kal_ and Raiju
This is a class on Pet play, Human Pet, Pet Human, Primal, Therian, and more!Riah and Kal will provide demos, definitions, and discussions on different types of play and headspaces ranging from wild to tame. Material will cover multiple aspects and orientations, negotiations and safety, pet roleplay options, power exchange with anthropomorphic elements, primals, therians, furries, domestic versus feral pets, pony play, barnyard pets, fantasy pets, Pokemon pets, human pets versus pet humans, and whatever else the discussion leads to.

One Column, Two Bodies, Three Munters

(All skill levels)

Floor work is a crucial part of emotional bonding when using rope, which often can be simplified to “top” ties “bottom”, as if it’s a chess move. In this class, both the engineer and the poet can find ways to connect to their partners by tying themselves to their partner using basic rope skills like a single column tie and munter hitches. Whether it’s mischievously eeling, co tying, or connecting on a spiritual level, this class will teach you how to see limbs as more than just potential columns, but ways to literally connect yourself to your partner using simple ties and intent.

Self Suspension as a Warmup

(Intermediate and above)

Self suspension is often thought of as a performance, but it can also be a great self exercise routine, or a startup to prepare for other scenes. In this class, I will discuss basic safety for self suspension, stretches, exercises, cardiac, pacing, and how to use a self propelled scene to prepare your headspace for pain processing with someone else.

Rope Pajamas – Overnight Bondage Round Table

(Intermediate and above)

Ever want a bound sleepover? This is a discussion of risk profiles for overnight rope restriction, anatomy knowledge to be aware of, and some forms that Riah has used herself as a way to fight off nightmares. Self-tyers, tops, and bottoms welcome. Rope optional.

Building a Human Playground Practicum

(Intermediate and above)
Take a break from learning forms and create some whacky hardpoints out of your own body. Whether you’re a floorwork aficionado, or a suspension superman, it’s time to monkey around! Expect challenges like creating a see-saw with two bottoms and a frame, or suspending someone off your own limbs. Rope and playfulness necessary, consensual pressure points welcome.

Padawan Riggers and Jedi Bottoms

Taught with @MasterSoNSo and @Raiju
Overcome your insecurities about tying someone with more bondage experience than you have! Loosely based on both Jedi and Sith philosophies, participants will be able to take these exercises directly back to the bedroom to have better, hotter bondage experiences. This class is aimed at teaching riggers, and providing a forum for bottoms to share knowledge and validation with their partners. (Introductory, Hands On)

Polyam Classes

Vulnerability Practicum

Use these various life hacks, conversational safewords, tricks, tips, and anecdotes to foster emotional vulnerability, both during conflict or as part of your ongoing relationship with yourself or others.  Drawing on their experiences in theater, writing, massage therapy, and personal growth, Riah Raiju and Master So’N’So will lead group and paired exercises. By practicing these techniques, students will gain greater insight into their own emotional responses, catalyze their ability to de-escalate conflicts, and hone their skills at repairing rifts and disconnection in relationships.

Long Distance Relationships: Balancing Love and Geography

Taught with @MasterSoNSo and @Raiju
“Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it.” — Thomas Fuller.
When you love someone that’s inconveniently distant (or conveniently spaced!), there are going to be some bumps on that very long road. Whether that connection is romantic, platonic, sexual, asexual, monogamous or polyamorous, the trials you face in maintaining connection, joy and vulnerability have common roots. This class will teach you methods of relationship negotiation, selecting and setting the mood you want, and dealing with disconnections, fear, and insecurity.

Unicorns: The Myth, Adjective, Noun and Verb

Unicorns may have missed the ark, but in this class we’ll discuss how unicorning is an alive and thriving relationship style. Subject matters span over the profits, pitfalls, and perks of being a unicorn in the poly community (for asexuals, graysexuals, ALL-THE-SEXuals, and anywhere in between), as well as communication, unicorn hunting, “handler” hunting, free range versus polyfidelitous unicorns, and how to avoid third wheeling or becoming a relationship therapist.