Master So’N’So is a talented, knowledgeable, and entertaining educator. One of those educators who has moved beyond instruction to inspiration, and a damned fun guy to learn from, to boot! His humor keeps the audience in the palm of his hand, and his vast experience shines through constantly. He is clearly someone who has moved beyond mere technique to an organic and authentic self, and he motivates his audience members, by his example, to follow him in that journey.

– Cazadora, Education Chair, Board of Education, Ann Arbor, MI

“Master So’N’So presented for the AIS Winter Wickedness 2013 conference.¬† His energy and enthusiasm was well received by the attendees, and his unique style¬†was a benefit to the event!”

– Barak, Adventures in Sexuality, Columbus, OH

“I thought our time together was awesome, you didn’t just tell me what to do, but gave me the reasons why and helped me to understand the mechanics of the rope so much more than I ever got before. I had a blast learning from you and would be honored to have that opportunity to do so again. Thank You so much!!”

– Dracosfaith, Decatur, MI

“[Master So’N’So] is a Dominant with a special attention to presentation. A scene with him is charged with anticipation and excitement. He works well with crowds, and is very engaging in group settings. He is funny, witty, smart, adaptable, and extremely creative. A scene with him often leaves wonderful lasting memories, as his planning and creativity merge into a fun time for all in attendance.”

– Willful Enslavement, Chicago, IL

“….my brain goes kinda fuzzy when there’s rope around… We did several rope scenes and he’s good at it. Our first scene together was a suspension and I came out intact and willing to do it again. Very, very willing to do it again… mmmm, rope…. We did a few other suspension scenes and a few scenes where he just tied me up and did mean things to me, a lot of which I probably wouldn’t let him do if he wasn’t so good with rope. Evil competent bastard.”

– Darcy, Raleigh, NC

C’mon. There aren’t that many “brown guys” with painted nails who have to throw a coin knot into everything they tie.

– Em, Kinbakushi Extrodinaire

“My girl and I met [Master So’N’So] at Kinky Kollege, and we’ve hung with him a few times since. He’s a cool guy, and always wears amazing outfits. Now I don’t usually say that about other dudes, but it’s true…”

– Invictus, Chicago, IL

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